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All about bees & honey in Minecraft – how to get an apiary

  1. How to get honey in Minecraft
  2. How to get honeycomb
  3. How to get bees
  4. How to get beehives

Bees were introduced with the 1.14 update, and you may now harvest honey. Honey can be gathered if you understand how Minecraft bees operate. Honey can be collected safely, but there are a few snags. Even if you’re the one who raises the bees, you must cover all of your bases.

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How to get honey in Minecraft

Honey may be obtained by harvesting it from a beehive or a bee nest in Minecraft. As more and more bees have returned to the nest, the honeycomb will soon be ready to harvest. 3 bees live in each beehive; throughout the day, each bee will depart 1 at a time, flying about and fertilizing various flowers. Their appearance will alter as a result of this, and they will soon return to their beehive. After 5 repetitions, you’ll see that the beehive has changed its appearance. It will be soaking wet with honey and can be harvested for honeycomb.

How to get honeycomb

Honeycombs may be used in a variety of ways in Minecraft. They may be used to make honeycomb blocks, candles, and beehives, all of which are helpful. Honeycombs can also be used to keep copper blocks from oxidizing, which might be useful for decorating your survival environment. If you want to fulfill all of the in-game achievements, you may even utilize them on copper blocks to get two advancements.

A pair of shears can be used to extract honeycomb from bee nests. Bee nests may be found in a variety of biomes, including meadows, grasslands, sunflower plains, and woods. Once you’ve discovered a bee nest, you’ll need to wait until it’s full of honey before proceeding. The openings in front of the bee nest would then turn yellow when it’s time to collect it. Touch the bee nest with your shears to gather the honeycombs. Honeycombs will fall from the beehive. If you want to get more honey, you’ll have to wait till the bees create more.

How to get bees

You may achieve this by attracting them to the place you want them to occupy with a flower. Put your beehive on the ground, and once the bees have enough nectar to donate to it, they will enter it. You’ll want to grow a lot of flowers in this region to encourage them to produce honey.

How to get a beehive

In the middle row of the 3×3 grid, combine six wood planks with three chunks of honeycomb to make a beehive. You’ll then have a beehive that you can connect to a tree near your home, ensuring that you never have to go far for honey.