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Growing & caring for alocasia princeps

Updated 2-19-2023

alocasia leaf
Close up alocasia leaf

Where are alocasia princeps from?

Alocasia princeps is a native plant of Borneo. It is an evergreen tropical perennial plant with large, V shaped leaves with prominent veins. Alocasia princeps is originally from the Southeast Asian region of Borneo, and alocasia generally prefers partial sunshine or full shade to grow and bloom best.

Alocasia princeps adds extraordinary beauty and dimension to any garden – its long stems are home to large green leaves that stand upright against the ground. Its size can range anywhere from one foot in length to over five feet when mature. This evergreen foliage also provides year-round texture in the landscape.

How do I care for alocasia princeps? Are they difficult to grow?

Despite alocasia princeps impressive appearance, caring for this plant isn’t difficult if you know what they need. They like bright, indirect sunlight and thrive in humid environments. Watering needs depend on the season–during late winter and spring keep the soil evenly moist, but during summer and fall water sparingly until the top inch of the soil has dried out.

As for nutrient needs, use an all-purpose liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength around once a month. Although alocasia princeps requires more maintenance than easy-care plants like pothos, consistent care will reward you with a lush specimen that can last years indoors.

Check out this useful care video on alocasia regal shield (it has similar care requirements):

How do you prepare alocasia princeps for winter?

Alocasia princeps is ideal for warm climates but can easily be prepared for colder temperatures. To ensure the long-term survival of your alocasia plant during winter months, it is important to provide frost protection by moving it indoors and near an area with plenty of warmth and light.

Additionally, cut back on watering, allowing the soil to dry between watering and reduce fertilizer application. To encourage further growth when spring blooms again, consider repotting the alocasia in new nutrient-rich soil with balanced N-P-K ratio.

How should you fertilize alocasia princeps?

Fertilizing your Alocasia princeps plant is an important step in keeping it healthy. As a general rule, it should be fertilized once every month with a liquid fertilizer that is formulated for fruits and vegetables. Use a good quality fertilizer that contains trace elements such as boron and copper to help prevent issues with leaf formation.

How much should you water alocasia princeps?

When it comes to watering your alocasia princeps, the most important thing is to keep an eye on it and adjust your watering routine accordingly. Generally, this type of plant prefers moist soil that is allowed to dry out slightly between watering. During its active growing season (spring through summer), alocasia princeps should be watered every 5-7 days and more frequently during hot weather. In the winter months, inactivity from the plant means you can reduce watering drastically and only water the soil when it feels dry to the touch. With some regular observation, you’ll find the appropriate watering schedule for your alocasia princeps.

How much light do alocasia princeps need?

Alocasia plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight such as near an east- or west-facing window. They don’t fare well with direct sun because their leaves will become scorched. If you don’t have a good source of natural light coming through your windows, you can always supplement with a grow light placed some distance away from the plant.

How do I propagate alocasia princeps?

Propagating alocasia princeps is surprisingly easy to do, and all you need are a few simple supplies. Start by obtaining a mature, healthy leaf from the plant itself, which should be at least three to five inches long with an unblemished bottom stem. Then fill a small clear container with distilled water and place the stem in the water and remove any remaining leaves so that the stem can absorb more nutrition.

Place the container in an area with indirect sunlight and wait for roots to begin sprouting within several weeks. Once roots have formed, transplant into soil rich in nitrogen and slightly acidic. Water regularly while monitoring soil moisture until your newly propagated alocasia princeps is established and growing strong.

When do alocasia princeps flower?

Alocasia princeps native to tropical rain forests, it is a low-maintenance beauty that makes an attractive addition to any home. One of the most asked questions about this remarkable tropical greenery is when they bloom; unfortunately, it rarely flowers indoors.

Alocasia princeps typically only blooms in its natural habitat during late spring or possibly into early summer.

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