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Xbox Series X

Why do Xbox games & updates take so long to download?

Xbox offers a high-quality gaming experience and an extensive library of Xbox games. However, download speed has become a severe issue, with many games exceeding 100 GB in size and updates that can be nearly that large.

Xbox users have frequently expressed dissatisfaction with the slowness with updates downloaded and installed on their consoles. It’s aggravating because games can only be played in offline mode if those updates aren’t installed. So, what’s the deal with updates taking so long to download? During peak usage periods, this is frequently caused by ISP network contention. So, if your Xbox One download speeds are much slower on weekday evenings or weekends than weekday mornings/afternoons, it could be due to ISP network contention.

Gerrymandering protest

What is gerrymandering and why does it matter?

The simplest definition of “Gerrymandering” is the drawing of boundaries around electoral districts to give one political party an advantage over the other. Another way to define it is as the cherry-picking–or careful selection–of voters who reliably vote for one party or another.

How does retargeting work

What is ad retargeting and how does it work? How do you retarget on Google & Facebook?

Ad retargeting generally refers to the type of ad shown after you visit a particular page or engage with a brand. Ad retargeting commonly leverages display ads to remind prospects or customers of a specific sale or action they might take.

Retargeting is used to close prospects or convert qualified leads and is considered one of the most profitable digital marketing channels. Retargeting ads can occur across channels but commonly happen in display ads, social, and search.

Clash Royale loading screen

Clash Royale basics: when did Clash Royale come out, how to level quickly, get legendary cards, unlock champions, star levels, and other CR topics explained

Clash Royale is an iOS and Android game made by Supercell; the game uses characters and elements from their prior hit, Clash of Clans. Clash Royale combines tower defense with real-time strategy by putting opponents in opposing towers trying to destroy each other’s towers. Typical rounds last 3-minutes where troops, buildings, or spells are deployed with overtime possible.