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French Toast with Strawberries

French toast bread options: what bread is best?

French toast is simply bread soaked in custard, then pan-fried. When you think about the types of bread available, there’s a lot to consider, like structure, crumb, and density. Do you like thick, decadent French toast, or are you team thin and crispy? There are significant contributors to these variations, but it all starts with bread choice. Let’s discuss.

Ceremonial Matcha Set

What is Matcha, how does it compare to coffee and what does it taste like?

The world of tea is a rich, vivid, and colorful place. Many undoubtedly have heard of green tea, but what about green tea’s more advanced and premium form, Matcha. But to understand Matcha, we will look at some of the unique traits that make Matcha an exquisite mode of tea. For example, what is Matcha? What does it taste like? Also, how does it compare to other caffeinated drinks like traditional green tea or coffee? Keep reading to learn more about Matcha.