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Minecraft Bees

All about bees & honey in Minecraft – how to get an apiary

Bees were introduced with the 1.14 update, and you may now harvest honey. Honey can be gathered if you understand how Minecraft bees operate. Honey can be collected safely, but there are a few snags. Even if you’re the one who raises the bees, you must cover all of your bases. This article will teach you a lot about bees in Minecraft and what stuff you’ll need to get honey.

How to get dyes in Minecraft

How to get dyes in Minecraft: Green, white, black, purple, brown

Dyes may be created in Minecraft by foraging for plants (mostly flowers). Dyes may be made by mixing different colored dyes, smelting plants, or exchanging them with a Wandering merchant. Dye is used to color various objects, including wool, leather armor, glass, clay blocks, and fences. There are a wide variety of colors available, from the basic colors of red, yellow, and blue to more unique shades like purple and orange.