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The US military banned DJI in 2017, and sanctioned them in 2020: Is a DJI drone ban coming for drone enthusiasts? Chinese made drones facing increasingly intense scrutiny in Congress

any drones with Chinese-made components.
The US military believes that DJI and other Chinese drone manufacturers are backed by the Chinese government even when publicly disclosed; therefore, they think that the drones have backdoors allowing for spying or other nefarious state acts.

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Direct democracy: What is it, where did direct democracy originate, what makes direct democracy a difficult and alternatives

Direct democracy is a form of governance in which the people make all important political decisions directly, without intermediaries like elected representatives. This differs from representative democracy, in which citizens elect individuals to represent them and carry out their preferences. Proponents of direct democracy argue that it increases participation and gives more power to the people. However, critics point out that it can make decision-making slow and inefficient, and challenges the very foundations of representative democracy.


Stagflation: It’s back, what is it, what causes it, how to invest, how to stop it, and what is the difference between stagflation and inflation

Bloomberg’s coverage this week includes the launch of an ETF designed to beat stagflation and the ECB and the Fed insisting that stagflation is not the base case in the future. However, weekend coverage is putting the question of stagflation to economics experts like Ray Dalio, with responses that assume stagflation is the base case and includes a base inflation rate above 4% for the foreseeable future.

Supreme court building

Roe v. Wade precedent is dead and so is the legitimacy of the US Supreme Court

Although the courts are supposed to be seen seen as fair and impartial arbiters of justice, recent political events have highlighted the extent to which they are subject to political influence. From large scale partisan gerrymandering cases to decisions about individual congressional or presidential impeachment proceedings, to the decision to overturn Roe V Wade it is clear that the judicial system must be considered a highly politicized entity.

Gerrymandering protest

What is gerrymandering and why does it matter?

The simplest definition of “Gerrymandering” is the drawing of boundaries around electoral districts to give one political party an advantage over the other. Another way to define it is as the cherry-picking–or careful selection–of voters who reliably vote for one party or another.