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Creality Halot-One Pro 3D resin printer: Who is it for and is it good?

Who is the Halot-One Pro 3D resin printer for – is it good?

Creality Halot-One
Creality Halot-One

The Halot-One Pro 3D resin printer is a high-end, industrial-grade 3D printer designed for those who want to create precise, professional-grade 3D models. The device is also very user-friendly, with an intuitive touchscreen interface that makes it easy to set up and use. However, the Halot-One Pro 3D resin printer is not for everyone. It is a costly machine, requiring a high level of expertise to use it effectively. As such, it is only really suitable for those who are serious about 3D printing and have the budget to afford it.

What materials can the Halot-One Pro 3D resin printer use?

The Halot-One Pro is a resin printer, and the machine’s specification states:

“Common rigid photosensitive resin/Standard resin/High elasticity/High hardness/High toughness/Dental model resin.”

How do I print on the Halot-One Pro 3D resin printer?

To print on the Halo-One Pro 3D resin printer, you must purchase a UV-curable resin. Once you have the resin, pour it into the build chamber and select the desired print settings on the printer’s control panel. The Halo-One Pro 3D resin printer uses an LCD screen to display the progress of your print, so you can monitor its progress and ensure that it is printing correctly. When your print is complete, remove it from the build chamber and allow it to cool before handling. Resin 3D prints typically benefit from washing after they are done curing.

Check out this video from Creality showing how to print a chess set:

How much is the Halot-One Pro 3D resin printer?

You can get the Halot-One Pro directly from Creality for $329, and it’s about $15 cheaper on Amazon if you want to purchase it there.

How does the Halot-One Pro 3D resin printer compare to the Ender 3 from Creality?

The most significant difference between the Halot-One Pro and the Ender 3 is that the Halot-One prints with resins, and the Ender 3 are filament printers that use things like PLA and ABS. As a result, the Ender 3 is an ideal entry to a 3D printer, as it’s just $189.00, and the Ender 3 is a bit more expensive with a smaller build volume (more specialized).