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Form 3+ 3D resin printer: How does it compare to the Form 3L?

Updated 2-1-2023

Form 3+
Form 3+

What is the Form 3+?

The Form 3+ is the latest version of the Form 3 resin printer, a professional 3D printer that uses stereolithography (SLA) technology to produce high-quality prints. The Form 3+ has several improvements over the previous model, including a faster laser, a higher-resolution touch screen, and improved software. The Form 3+ is designed for professionals who need to produce high-quality prints quickly and reliably. It is also suitable for hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to make professional-grade prints.

What do people print on the Form 3+? What can you do with it?

The Form 3+ is a high-resolution desktop 3D printer that can produce prints with excellent detail and a smooth surface finish. Because of its ability to make such high-quality prints, the Form 3+ is popular among artists and designers who use it to create sculptures, jewelry, and other objects with intricate detail.

The Form 3+ can also be used to create functional parts and prototypes for engineering and manufacturing applications. In addition to printing in various materials, the Form 3+ has an integrated laser that can be used to etch or engrave designs onto the surface of prints. As a result, the Form 3+ is a versatile tool that can create a wide variety of aesthetic and functional objects.

How do you print on the Form 3+?

The Form 3+ uses a layer-by-layer printing process to produce high-quality prints with incredible detail. First, you must load your model files onto the printer’s built-in computer. Once your files are loaded, you will use the printer’s touchscreen interface to select the material and print settings you want. Once your print job starts, the Form 3+ will take care of the rest, layering each successive layer of material until your model is complete. When your print is finished, you can remove it from the build platform and enjoy your new creation.

Check out this setup video and test prints using the Form 3+:

How does the Form 3+ compare to the Form 3L?

The Form 3+ and Form 3L are high-quality SLA 3D printers that offer LED curing and lift platform technology. The Form 3+ has a smaller build volume than the Form 3L, but it provides a higher resolution and more consistent layer thickness. In addition, the Form 3+ is compatible with a broader range of materials, including clear resins. The Form 3L is also very easy to use, with an automated resin loading system that makes it simple to change between materials.

Overall, the Form 3+ is better for users who need high-quality prints with a wide range of material options. However, the Form 3L is still an excellent choice for users who need a large build volume and an easy-to-use printer.

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