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Holy Stone 110D FPV drone: How does the 110D compare to the 120D?

Holy Stone 110D FPV
Holy Stone 110D FPV

Is the Holy Stone 110D FPV drone good? Who is it for?

The Holy Stone 110D FPV drone is a good option for those looking for a drone with FPV capabilities. It is a beginner-friendly drone that is easy to set up and use. The 110D comes with a user manual that walks you through setting up the drone and connecting it to your smartphone. Once the drone is set up, you can start flying it using the included remote control. The remote control holder lets your phone easily control the drone’s flying and see the video stream. You can also use the remote to control the drone’s flight path and take photos or videos.

Here is an unboxing and demo of the 110D:

How do you charge the Holy Stone 110D FPV? How long does it take to charge?

The Holy Stone 110D FPV can be charged in two ways. The first is to use the USB cable and connect it to a power source such as a computer or laptop. The second way is to use the included AC adapter and plug it into a wall outlet. It takes about 2 hours to charge the drone fully. When the drone is turned on, the battery indicator will show how much power remains. It is important to note that the drone should not be flown for more than 10 minutes when it is first charged, as this can damage the battery. Once the battery has been fully charged, the drone can be flown for 20 minutes (10 minutes per battery).

How fast and far can the HS 110D fly? How high can it fly?

The HS 110D can fly up to ~10 miles per hour on the highest speed setting and has a flying time of approximately 8-10 minutes per battery (it can hold 2). It has a remote control distance of about 300 feet (video transmission to 200 feet). The quadcopter will automatically return home and land itself if it loses signal with the remote control or if the battery runs low. Additionally, the HS 110D is equipped with LED lights that make it visible in low-light conditions and help with orientation. In the US, you cannot fly a drone higher than 400 feet in the air per FAA regulation.

How much is the HS 110D?

The HS 110D retails for about $79.99; the price changes frequently, and there are often coupons in the 10% range available. This makes the HS110D one of the most affordable drones with name-brand recognition behind it from a pure price perspective.

How does the HS 110D compare to the HS 120D?

The HS 110D and the HS 120D are two popular models of Holy Stone drones. Both models are easy to fly and have similar features, but they have some critical differences.

The HS 110D has a shorter flight time and a shorter range than the HS 120D. The HS 120D gets its extra flying time from 1 additional battery for 3 compared to the HS 110D with 2 batteries. In addition, the 110D does not have GPS tracking or follow-me mode, which means it is less suitable for advanced users.

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