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Holy Stone 710 drone: How the 710 compares to the 700E

HS 710 drone
HS 710 drone

Are the HS 710 drones good? Who are they for?

The Holy Stone 710 is a popular drone for amateur and professional flyers. It’s easy to fly and can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. The drone has an HD camera that can take still photos or video, and it can stream live video to the Holy Stone app. In addition, the app lets you edit photos and videos and share them on social media.

How do you charge a Holy Stone 710 drone? How long does it take to charge?

To charge the Holy Stone 710 drone, you must use the included charger and USB cable. Connect the charger to a power source and the USB cable to the drone. The drone will begin charging automatically. The lights on the charger will turn from red to green when the drone is fully charged. Depending on the power source, it can take up to 4 hours to fully charge the drone.

How do you update the firmware?

Once the drone is charged, you must connect it to your computer to update the firmware. Once the firmware is updated, you can use the drone. Connect the USB cable from the drone to your computer to do this. The computer will automatically detect and install the appropriate drivers for the drone. Once the drivers are installed, you can use the Holy Stone 710 drone.

How far and fast can the Holy Stone 710 drone go? How long can it fly?

The drone comes with a flight time of up to 25 minutes and a range of up to 1500 ft. It’s also relatively quiet, ideal for flying in urban areas. The batteries for the HS 710 are modular, and you can add a second battery to get a total flight time of 50 minutes. The HS 710 is a fast drone that can fly up to 35 MPH in good conditions.

Here’s a video showing its basic flight capabilities, and it provides an overview of flying it:

How much is an HS 710? How much is the HS 700E?

The Holy Stone 710 retails for $219.99, regularly has coupons available, and sometimes is on sale in the $185.00 range. The HS 700E retails for $299.99 and is on sale as low as $254.99.

How does the Holy Stone 710 compare to the Holy Stone 700E?

The 700E has a shorter flight time, 46 minutes, compared to the 50-minute time possible with the 710. On the other hand, the 700E is more expensive and about double the size. You get a better drone (more stable for video), a better camera, and better features like follow mode for the extra money and size. However, the extra heft means the 700E must be registered with the FAA while the 710 is below the FAA .5lb limit.

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