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Mending enchantment: How do mending enchantments work in Minecraft? How to make an enchanting table & enchant items

  1. What are enchantments?
  2. What is and how does the mending enchantment work?
  3. How to make an enchanting table and enchant items
  4. How to make an anvil

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What are enchantments in Minecraft?

Minecraft includes a detailed enchanting mechanism that, like crafting potions, may offer you an advantage in battle. If you’re playing multiplayer, an enchanted weapon or suit of armor will elevate you over a player who doesn’t have enchanted gear.

Learning how to enchant objects in Minecraft will offer you an advantage in all end-game content, whether you’re enchanting a sword to do more damage, a pair of boots to assist you to fall slower, or perhaps a shield to effortlessly restore itself.

What is and how does Minecraft mending work?

Minecraft mending is an add-on enchantment that allows repairs of the enchanted item every time it is used to gain XP (by attacking for instance). That is, you may increase the item’s durability and utilize it indefinitely. For example, you can improve an ax by mending it, and then use it as long as you can recover its durability with your XP when you strike with it.

If you are not utilizing or holding the object with your hands, Minecraft mending will just not function. It also doesn’t function if you aren’t wearing any armor. Mending is disabled until you acquire experience with that item, and it will not boost the item’s durability.

To effectively utilize it, first add the enchantment to the tool, then begin digging at random or attacking enemies. You will gather user experience in this manner, and the mending mechanism will begin to function. However, you would only get the mending enchantment to work in survival mode, and finding a mending orb is difficult.

In Minecraft, how do you use the mending enchantment?

You will need an anvil to use the mending enchantment on a tool or weapon in Minecraft. Then, if you have enough XP, you can use the tool in conjunction with a mending book to enchant your item with mending.

How to enchant items in Minecraft

An enchanting table or an anvil may be used to enchant things in one of two ways.

Making an enchanting table

Seven objects are required for an enchanting table: one book, two diamonds, and four obsidian.

  1. Place a book on the crafting grid’s upper-middle.
  2. Place a diamond in the crafting grid’s middle-left and middle-right spaces.
  3. Place one obsidian in each of the bottom row’s squares, as well as one in each of the grid’s middle squares.

It’s as simple as that! Those are the basic requirements to make an enchantment table. However, its functionality is restricted until it’s surrounded by Bookshelves. In a 55-square grid, 15 bookshelves must be placed one square away from the enchanting table.

Making an anvil


Three Iron Blocks and four Iron Ingots are needed to make an anvil.

  1. Put 3 blocks of iron on the crafting grid’s top row.
  2. One iron ingot should be placed in the center of the crafting grid.
  3. Three iron ingots should be placed across the bottom row.

Enchanted books may be used to enchant things with an Anvil. Enchanted books are discovered in chests in nether castles, communities, bastions, abandoned mining shafts, and other locations, and can hold several enchantments of differing degrees. Enchanted books can also be found when fishing.