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Minecraft color dyes: How to get different color dyes in Minecraft

How to get dyes in Minecraft

Dyes may be created in Minecraft by foraging for plants (mostly flowers). Dyes may be made by mixing different colored dyes, smelting plants, or exchanging them with a Wandering merchant. Dye is used to coloring various objects, including wool, leather armor, glass, clay blocks, and fences. A wide variety of colors are available, from the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue to more unique shades like purple and orange.

What can you do with dye in Minecraft?

A dye can also be applied to sheep to change their wool color. This can be done by right-clicking the sheep with the dye in hand. Dyes can be added to create different colored firework stars and rockets, which produce various colored explosions. Certain dyes can be used to make stained glass. Stained glass can be created by placing eight pieces of glass on a crafting table and then adding one dye to the center slot. The resulting stained glass pane will have the same color as the dye used.

How to get green dye in Minecraft

First and foremost, to make green dye, we’ll require cactus, and cacti may be found in the sandy and badlands biomes in Minecraft; they grow twice as often in deserts. Once you have located a desert ecosystem, getting a cactus should be relatively straightforward. Their green color should make them stick out like a sore thumb among the sand. In addition, they have a predetermined drip rate and are easily breakable by hand.

Smelting a cactus with any form of fuel will make green dye

You need a source of fuel, like coal, and a furnace. After you have a cactus, fuel, and furnace, set the cactus in the furnace and add little coal to it. Once boiled, you will gain green dye.

Add cactus and fuel to the furnace to produce green dye

A green dye can be obtained from various merchants and NPCs using emeralds. However, cacti are abundant and easy to get, allowing players to save their emeralds for other items.

How to get white dye

There are two ways to create white dye:

The first method is to locate a lily of the valley flower within the game; they may be found among flowering woods. Then, click left and hold the lily to shatter it after you’ve found it. Lily of the valley will then be in your inventory and can be used on a crafting table to produce white dye.

One lily of the valley makes 1 white dye.

The second method requires you to get 1 bone; open the crafting table with the 3×3 grid to make white dye with your bone. Place 1 bone in the grid’s middle.

Create bonemeal with a bone

This will create a bonemeal, which should then be placed back in the grid to make the white dye.

Use your bone meal to create dye

How to get a black dye

There are two ways to make black dye, but an ink sac is the easiest. A wither rose can also be used to produce a black dye.

Squids that spawn in natural water bodies leave ink sacs behind; they can also be found as a byproduct of fishing. Add your squid’s ink sack to your crafting table, and it will produce 1 black dye.

Use an ink sack to create the black dye.

Mobs have been slain by the Wither drop wither roses, but rounding them up while escaping the boss’s assaults is tricky. A black dye can be obtained from various merchants and NPCs using emeralds.

How to get purple dye

2 purple dyes can be made by combining 1 lapis lazuli & 1 rose red anywhere on the crafting grid to get a stack of 2 purple dyes. When applied to ornamental blocks, purple produce a regal look. The purple dye is also used to make magenta dye.

You get 2 purple dyes when making purple

How to get brown dye

A brown dye is one of the easiest colors to make because it only has one main ingredient: cocoa beans. The cocoa pods that appear on the sides of trees within the jungle biome may be harvested for these. So add cocoa beans to your crafting table to produce brown dye.

Add cocoa beans to get the brown dye.

They may also be bought from a roaming trader who will give you three for 1 emerald.

Dye is used in Minecraft to make drab things more vibrant. There are 16 distinct dyes to choose from, which you may use alone or combine with two or more colors. It’s an intriguing item in the game that may give your things a more creative vibe.

How to get red dye

Red dye can be made from various items, including poppies, beetroots, and apples. To make red dye, first, gather the necessary ingredients.

For one dye batch, you will need three poppies, three apples, or two beetroots. Once you have the ingredients, select a crafting table and open your inventory. Place the items in the appropriate slots in the crafting grid, then move the resulting dye to your inventory.

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