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How to tame in Minecraft: What you need to feed to tame

Updated 2-23-2023

How to tame:

How to tame in Minecraft

Taming animals in Minecraft provides a feeling of success and a helpful little assistant. Minecraft offers players a lot of time to explore its terrifying environment and get familiar with the fantastic (or dreadful) animals in this universe. While monsters provide experience points and supplies, gentle animals such as horses, cats, dogs, and so on can be helpful companions for players.

Check out this video guide on taming in Minecraft:

How to tame a fox

So, it’s nighttime, and you’ve located a fox, but they’re running away from you. Like other timid species in Minecraft, Foxes are a bit bashful, so you’ll have to sneak up on them to examine them. They adore berries, so stock up before creeping up to them and interacting with the fox. Little hearts will blossom over you to show that they have accepted your gift.

Some delicious berry will do the job when you’ve done these enough times. The happy animal will be tamed and become your buddy. They have a chance to reproduce when you tame two foxes in the same area and serve them sweet berries! Foxes who trust you will sometimes bring you stuff they have picked up in their mouths.

How to tame a horse

You don’t need to entice horses by feeding them as you would to other animals. Instead, approach the upcoming horse and push the cue to hop atop and mount it. If you’re lucky, that’ll be the end of the work, and it’ll be tamed. You’ll probably be bucked off a couple of times, so keep going and getting back on.

Repeat until the horse is tamed; a saddle will be required. Next, access your inventory from the rear of your new horse and equip it to the horse. You may now direct your mount.

Axolotls: how to tame them

An axolotl is an aquatic monster in the Minecraft universe that attacks other underwater animals such as fishes, squids, browns, and guardians. Axolotls need water to live. However, they can survive on land for a few minutes. Outside, the organism begins to dehydrate and must be rehydrated; otherwise, it would perish.

In creative mode, axolotls may be created using a spawn egg, axolotl bucket, or the summon command. They may be scooped up with buckets as they appear, exactly like Fish.

Axolotls cannot be tamed in Minecraft, which may upset gamers. However, if you place a bucket of tropical fish around them, the adjacent axolotls will follow you into the combat, both on land and in the sea.

How to tame a cat

To tame a cat, you must collect at least 10 fish. Salmon or raw cod, all frequently accessible, should be used. Locate a settlement and get as near to a cat as possible. You must maintain a particular distance, or it will flee. In Minecraft, food drives cats, so ensure you have more than enough fish on hand. Once you’ve captured a cat’s attention, right-click/drag the action onto it to feed the cat using the fish.

Repeat till you see hearts bubbling from the cat. The cat will be outfitted with a red collar. It has been tamed and will now follow you. Make sure to feed it regularly.

How to tame a llama

You can find them in the wild if you wish to tame llamas. Taming llamas is similar to taming horses, even though they cannot be ridden. Mount them again and again until hearts emerge. You’ll need a lead to get them back to your base. Other llamas may begin to follow you if you are on a lead. When a lead leads a llama, other tamed and wild llamas will follow. Leashing someone else will have the same effect. There is no limit to how many llamas you can get to follow you in a lovely, fluffy caravan.

How to tame a panda

Pandas can enter “love mode” if at least eight bamboo blocks separate them from another panda within five blocks. Once you’ve created this setting, feed both pandas bamboo-like any other animal to get them to fall in love and mate.

The safest approach to creating a panda family is to find a panda, or two if you’re lucky, and either attract them back to your base with bamboo or a lead so you can set up the proper breeding circumstances.

How to tame a parrot

Parrots are the way to go if you want to add a colorful buddy to your household. Only found in the forest, bring some seeds whenever you find yourself in that situation. Taming parrots uses the same 1/3 chance as feeding them, but instead, players must use melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, beetroot seeds (all of which may be obtained from the relevant fruit), or punch some grass for wheat seeds.

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