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JUMP 20 drone: What is it and why is it important?

What is a JUMP 20 drone?

The JUMP 20 is a fixed-wing, vertical takeoff, and landing drone designed to provide advanced intelligence services. With an impressive endurance of over 14 hours and an operational range of up to 115 miles, the JUMP 20 is perfect for multi-mission operations.

One of the most unique features of this aircraft is its runway independence – simply set up the system, and you’re ready to go in under an hour without any launch or recovery equipment. The JUMP 20 also boasts a payload capacity of up to 30 pounds, making it possible to customize with the latest imaging technology, including the impressive ARCAM 45D, long-range EO/MWIR, and onboard tracking, stabilization, and video processing.

jump 20 capabilities

JUMP 20 drone capabilities

  • Long flight time – 14 hours in the air with autopilot features and the ability to conduct continual surveillance.
  • Critical sensors can be swapped on the Jump 20, taking it from a recon drone to active support for other bomber drones.
  • The JUMP 20 can launch without a runway or a launcher tube – it allows a group of soldiers in the field to set up sophisticated air surveillance with minimal infrastructure available.

Here is a close-up look at the JUMP 20:

What is a vertical takeoff and landing drone?

Vertical takeoff and landing drones are becoming increasingly popular with drone enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts alike. These special drones, more simply known as VTOL drones, have the ability to take off from a stationary position without having to use a launching pad or another launcher.

Furthermore, this type of drone has the ability to land its payload or package in locations that other drones may not be able to reach. Verticle takeoff and landing technologies also make it easier for drone pilots to save energy by allowing them to stay hovering for longer periods of time without having to ascend and descend constantly.

What are JUMP 20 drones for?

JUMP 20 drones could be used for things like home delivery services to search-and-rescue missions, but most notably, they are being sent to aid Ukraine in the war against Russia.

What can a JUMP 20 drone do? How big is its payload?

The JUMP 20 drone has a 30 lb payload which is used to mount different sensor arrays for different types of missions. The JUMP 20 is primarily used for information gathering in the field, and it has an advantage over other aircraft able to do this – it requires no runway and minimal infrastructure.

Who makes JUMP 20 drones?

JUMP 20 drones are made by AeroVironment. Also notable makes and has been sending the Switchblade series of drones to Ukraine.

How much does a JUMP 20 drone cost?

The US Army is adopting the JUMP 20 drone and, in August of 2022, according to Defense News, paid 8 million for the complete setup of 6 JUMP 20 drones. Roughly 1.3 million per drone, including the ground data terminals, which seems pretty high, but the capabilities of this drone are unique for its class.

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