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Making potions in Minecraft: Healing, weakness, invisibility, swiftness (speed), fire resistance, strength, harming, regeneration

Potion-making or brewing is one of the most intriguing game features in Minecraft that may significantly improve your ability to live. With so many different options and components to choose from, the options for outwitting even the most formidable foes are boundless.

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  1. How to brew potions in Minecraft
  2. Increasing effectiveness of potions
  3. How to make any potion
    1. Healing: Heals health by 4.
    2. Weakness: Reduces attack damage by .5 for 1.5 minutes.
    3. Invisibility: Makes you appear invisible and hostile mobs won’t attack.
    4. Swiftness: Increases speed by 20 percent.
    5. Fire resistance: Immunizes the player to fire, lava, and blazing assaults, among other things.
    6. Strength: Increases melee damage by 130% percent.
    7. Harming: Deals 6 points of damage.
    8. Regeneration: Restores a player’s HP every 2.5 seconds

How to brew potions in Minecraft – basic setup & ingredients

In addition to the brewing stand, a player will require blaze powder, 1-3 glass bottles (made with 3 glasses), and a water supply to fill the bottles within their corresponding positions (a water source block or a cauldron).

Fill the glass bottles with water by right-clicking on a source of water while holding the bottles. Once a player has completed filling the bottles, they will start brewing.

Fill the brewing stand with 1-3 water bottles and 1 blaze powder, then fill the top slot with the first basic ingredient

You can use additional components in the top slot to create a variety of potions (not all of which are good).

Increasing the effectiveness of Minecraft potions 

Most of the potions in Minecraft have a 3-minute duration. You may increase the time restriction to 8-minutes by introducing Redstone or Glowstone to a potion that has already been brewed. If Redstone improves the duration of a potion’s impact, Glowstone will produce a more potent potion with a shorter duration. A Potion of Speed made with Redstone, for instance, will last eight minutes, but a Potion of Speed made with Glowstone will last for only 1 minute and 30 seconds but delivers a larger speed boost.

Give it a try if you’ve never crafted a potion in Minecraft. The increased HP, strength, and speed will give you an advantage in battles against adversaries in the Nether, as well as bouts against the Wither and the End Dragon.

How to make any potion in Minecraft

Brewing Minecraft potions might appear to be a difficult process at first. However, after you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’ll be a breeze. The following items are required to begin the production process of making any potion:

Blaze powder, which is a type of fuel that is used in the brewing process. All potion making begins on a potion stand with blaze powder to fuel the process. To prepare potions, combine ingredients on a brewing stand.

A brewing stand with Blaze powder added for fuel prior to making potions

Glass bottle – Can be used to make a water bottle or keep remedies in.

Water – A beginning basis for all potions, which may be made by filling a glass bottle with water using a cauldron or by utilizing a water source.

How to make a healing potion

Step 1: Open the brewing stand and insert your water bottle into either of the bottom three compartments to manufacture a healing potion.

Put a bottle of water in the brewing stand to begin making a healing potion

Step 2: In the top box, add a nether wart.

After you add water, add nether wart

Step 3: When the arrow fills up entirely, place your gleaming melon.

Add gleaming melon to finish the healing potion

Result: A potion of healing will appear after a few seconds.

A healing potion

How to make a weakness potion

Using the brewing stand, combine the ingredients to make your potion. Add the blaze powder first, then the Bottle of Water. If you want to make more than one potion of weakness, you can add extra bottles.

Add water bottles

Finally, place your fermented spider eye on top.

Add fermeneted spiders eye

After the brewing is done, one of the water containers in the brewing stand will become the potion of weakness.

Weakness potion

How to make an invisibility potion

You’ll need the following ingredients to produce the invisibility potion: A potion of nightvision, fermented spider eye, and blaze powder. Put the fermented spider eye in the box on top of the brewing stand and the potion of nightvision in one of the bottom three boxes.

Add fermeneted spiders eye to the night vision potion

After a little while, a potion of invisibility will appear. The length of the potion of invisibility will be 3 minutes, however, an improved version with an eight-minute duration can be created.

Potion of invisibility

How to make a swiftness potion

Nether wart and sugar are necessary for this recipe. With its few components, a potion of swiftness is great for gamers that want speed. Begin making a swiftness potion by adding a bottle of water to the brewing stand.

Add water

Add some nether wart to the bottle of water.

Add nether wart

After that, add sugar, which comes from the sugar cane plant.

Add sugar

After that you will get a potion of swiftness.

Potion of swiftness

How to make a fire resistance potion

To make a potion of fire resistance, you will require 1 nether wart & 1 magma cream. Place a bottle of water in the brewing stand to begin the fire reistance potion.

Add water

Add your nether wart to the water bottle

Add nether wart

Once the nether wart has been fully incorporated, add your magma cream.

Add the magma cream

How to make a strength potion

First place your bottle of water in your brewing stand, you will also need a nether wart, and blaze powder (not only for fuel).

Add water first

Then you will your nether wart to the brewing stand:

Add nether wart

Lastly, after your nether wart has been added, add your blaze powder:

Add blaze powder

Then you will get a strength potion:

Strength potion

How to make a harming potion

To make a potion of harming, go to the brewing stand and put fermented spider eye in the top box & potion of poison in the lower box, then fire it up.

Add fermented spiders eye and a poison potion

This potion should be added to your inventory.

Harming potion

How to make a regeneration potion

Step 1 add your water bottle:

Add water

Step 2: Add your nether wart and wait for it incorporate

Add nether wart

Step 3: Add ghast tear

Add ghast tear

Thats it, collect your potion.

Potion of regenration