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Minecraft concrete: Making concrete powder & concrete in Minecraft

Updated 2-1-2023

How do I make concrete powder?

In Minecraft, concrete powder is an item you can use to create concrete blocks. To make concrete powder, you will need four sand blocks, four gravel blocks, and one dye of your choice. Place the blocks of gravel and sand in two adjacent columns in the crafting table. Select the matching colors of dye to correspond with each block column before combining all the ingredients into a shapeless recipe on the crafting table. The result will be four stacks of concrete powder that can be combined with water buckets to create concrete blocks.

Here is a video showing the Minecraft concrete-making process from beginning to end:

How do you create concrete?

First, you need to collect sand, gravel and either dyes (for colored concrete) or bonemeal (for white concrete). The dyes or bonemeal are then combined with the sand and gravel to craft four blocks of concrete powder which can then be smelted in a furnace to create one block of hardened concrete.

For extra strength, you will also need four blocks of hardened clay which can be found underground, usually near water sources. By combining the hardened clay with the hardened concrete in the crafting menu, it becomes stronger and more resilient than normal pressure-sensitive blocks.

How do I make red, grey, or black concrete blocks in Minecraft?

Combining dye with regular concrete blocks creates black, red, or grey concrete blocks. Once you have the dyed concrete blocks, you can use them in any recipe for standard concrete blocks.

How do I make a concrete farm in Minecraft?

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