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Who is the SL1S SPEED 3D resin printer for – is it good?

The Prusa SL1S SPEED 3D resin printer has been designed for those who need high-quality, professional-grade prints. Its speed and accuracy make it ideal for businesses that rely on 3D printing, and its resin-based system produces more durable and realistic prints than those made with other types of printers. The SL1S SPEED 3D is also easy to use, making it a good choice for those new to 3D printing. Overall, the SL1S SPEED 3D is an excellent option for those who need high-quality, professional-grade prints.

What materials can the SL1S SPEED 3D resin printer use?

In addition to traditional photopolymer resins, the SL1S SPEED 3D can print with flexible, castable, and even medical-grade materials. As a result, the SL1S SPEED 3D is suitable for a wide range of applications, from prototyping to on-demand manufacturing. In addition, the SL1S SPEED 3D features a built-in light source that ensures prints are cured evenly and consistently.

How do I print on the SL1S SPEED 3D resin printer?

First, make sure that the build platform is level and clean.

Next, load the desired resin into the printer’s reservoir and select the correct settings in the Prusa slicing software.

Once the slicing is complete, transfer the file to the printer and hit the “print” button.

The printer will automatically start printing and will notify you when the job is complete. After the print is finished, remove it from the build platform and clean it with isopropyl alcohol. Finally, post-cure the print in an ultraviolet oven to ensure optimal strength and durability.

Here is a video from Prusa introducing and using the SL1S SPEED for the first time:

What software does the SL1S SPEED 3D resin printer use?

The SL1S SPEED uses the open-source Prusa Slic3r software. This software is based on the popular Cura slicer and offers various slicing and printing options.

How much is the SL1S SPEED 3D resin printer?

The SL1S is available directly from the Prusa Research website for $1999.00 + shipping (depending on your location).

How does the SL1S SPEED 3D resin printer compare to the CW1S from Prusa?

The SL1S Speed 3D resin printer is a newer model from Prusa that offers some distinct advantages over the CW1S. One of the most significant advantages is its speed: the SL1S can print up to three times faster than the CW1S, making it a better choice for businesses requiring high volumes of prints. In addition, the CW1S is substantially cheaper than the SL1S, making it a better entry-level option for a new business operation or experiment.

The SL1S also offers better resolution and layer thickness options, meaning you can quickly produce finer detailed prints. Additionally, the SL1S includes Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to quickly transfer files and monitor your prints from anywhere in the world. Overall, the SL1S Speed 3D resin printer is a more advanced and faster option than the CW1S, making it the better choice for businesses that need high-quality prints in a short amount of time.

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