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Puma drone: What is it?

a u.s. soldier launches a rq 20 by hand
a US soldier launches a RQ-20 by hand

What is a Puma drone?

The Puma drone is a cutting-edge unmanned aircraft that is changing the game when it comes to aerial reconnaissance. Promoted to for several uses including monitoring wildlife populations, conducting search and rescue missions, or gathering intelligence as a military drone, the Puma is versatile.

Equipped with high-resolution cameras and other advanced sensors, it’s able to capture and transmit detailed images and video of even the most remote locations, providing valuable data to help inform decision-making processes.

How does a Puma drone work?

The Puma drone is a lightweight, battery-powered UAV designed for military and civilian surveillance missions. It’s operated remotely by a trained pilot on the ground, who uses a control system to maneuver the craft and stream live video from its cameras. The drone’s design allows it to fly undetected, making it a powerful tool for intelligence gathering and surveillance. It’s an incredibly sophisticated piece of equipment that relies on cutting-edge technology to complete its missions. Overall, the Puma drone is an impressive addition to the UAV field and showcases the incredible capabilities of drone technology.

These are the specs listed for the latest 3AE model:

puma drone 3ae specs

Check out this video from AeroVironment on the Puma LE drone system:

Who makes Puma drones?

Puma drones are made by AeroVironment (a Boeing subsidiary). Founded in the 1970s, this U.S. defense contractor has been at the forefront of drone technology for decades, creating products that have become essential tools for military operations around the world. The Puma is no exception, with its advanced features and sleek design making it a favorite among troops and first responders alike. The Puma has been used in several wars, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

How do Puma drones work with Switchblade drones?

Puma and Switchblade drones work together to provide a seamless and efficient system. The Puma drones function as the “eyes in the sky,” providing real-time situational awareness and intelligence to the ground troops. The Switchblade drones, on the other hand, are agile and maneuverable, equipped with a small warhead that allows them to take out targets quickly and precisely.

day night vision
A section from Puma’s specs compare working during the day and then swap to a night vision camera at night – the Mantis i45N

Together, these drones offer a powerful combination, allowing for enhanced reconnaissance and the ability to strike with minimal collateral damage. The Puma and Switchblade drones are a game-changer in modern warfare, providing a new level of effectiveness and efficiency for our troops on the ground.

What is a one-way drone or loitering ammunition?

One-way drones, also known as loitering ammunition, are an exciting new development in military technology. These unmanned aerial vehicles are designed to be launched from a stationary position and use a combination of GPS and other sensors to locate and engage targets. Unlike traditional drones, which are typically used for reconnaissance or surveillance, one-way drones are designed to be a weapon in their own right.

Once the target has been identified, the drone is flown into it, exploding on impact and causing significant damage. Although they are still relatively new, one-way drones have already been used in several military operations with great success. With their ability to quickly and efficiently locate and eliminate targets, they are quickly becoming an essential tool in modern warfare.

How many Puma drones has the US sent to Ukraine?

The exact number of Puma drones sent to Ukraine is unknown, the department of defense has disclosed a list of armaments sent to date but it doesn’t include specific numbers on many items including drones.

How much does a Puma drone cost?

Its estimated that the Puma drones have a unit cost of about $225,000 which makes them relatively affordable and they are reusable unlike many of the drones being used on the battlefield today.

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