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Switchblade drones – unmanned military drones that self-destruct

  1. Switchblade model 300 capabilities
  2. Switchblade model 600 capabilities
  3. What are Switchblade drones?
  4. Who makes Switchblade drones?
  5. How much does a Switchblade drone cost?

Public interest in Switchblade drones has grown in response to the escalation of violence in Ukraine. Bloomberg reported two days ago that the US is sending the new Switchblade 600 model (whereas earlier in the conflict the US had sent the 100 of the 300 model) in response to the atrocities committed by Russia in Ukraine.

Switchblade model 300 capabilities

Marketing from AeroVironment: the Switchblade 300 model is much smaller, can travel only 6 miles, and can approach targets to self-destruct with the equivalent explosive power of a 40 mm grenade.

Switchblade model 600 capabilities

Marketing from AeroVironment: the Switchblade 600 model can travel 24 miles with an anti-armor (anti-tank) warhead; the drone self-destructs on its target when found.

What are switchblade drones?

Switchblade drones include the series 300 and 600 made by AeroVironment and they are both armed military drones. These drones self-destruct when used to engage a target, and both models can be used against personnel or armored vehicles.

The smaller of the 2 drones, the Switchblade 300 can travel about 6 miles and is armed with the equivalent ordinance of a 40mm grenade. The larger Switchblade 600 series can travel about 24 miles and has a large anti-armor explosive capable of destroying tanks.

Who makes switchblade drones?

AeroVironment US defense contractor based in Arlington, Virginia. They are known for their unmanned and frequently weaponized drones. AeroVironment holds multiple ongoing US defense contracts to provide UAVs and technology to the military.

How much does a switchblade drone cost?

The model 300 switchblade drone has a per-unit cost of $70,200. The model 600 has no available price but is roughly 10 times the size of the model 300 and is likely considerably more expensive.