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2022 tech layoff rundown: 17 tech companies have laid off more than 14,650 employees before mid year

After a decade of rapid growth, the tech industry is facing a major slowdown. A recent report from Gartner predicts that worldwide IT spending will decline by 7.6 percent in 2020, and another 5.5 percent in 2021. The pandemic has been a major factor in the slowdown, as businesses have cut back on spending and many consumers have shifted to cheaper alternatives. But the slowdown was already underway before the pandemic hit, and it is likely that layoffs will continue even after the economy rebounds. In fact, Gartner estimates that global IT employment will decline by 2 percent in 2022, with the largest job losses occurring in North America and Western Europe.

Mini 3 DJI

The US military banned DJI in 2017, and sanctioned them in 2020: Is a DJI drone ban coming for drone enthusiasts? Chinese made drones facing increasingly intense scrutiny in Congress

The US military believes that DJI and other Chinese drone manufacturers are backed by the Chinese government even when publicly disclosed; therefore, they think that the drones have backdoors allowing for spying or other nefarious state acts.

Switchblade 600 drone

Switchblade drones – unmanned military drones that self-destruct

Public interest in Switchblade drones has grown in response to the escalation of violence in Ukraine. Bloomberg reported two days ago that the US is sending the new Switchblade 600 model (whereas earlier in the conflict the US had sent the 100 of the 300 model) in response to the atrocities committed by Russia in Ukraine.

Gerrymandering protest

What is gerrymandering and why does it matter?

The simplest definition of “Gerrymandering” is the drawing of boundaries around electoral districts to give one political party an advantage over the other. Another way to define it is as the cherry-picking–or careful selection–of voters who reliably vote for one party or another.