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A personal computer (PC) is a multi-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and price make it feasible for individual use. PCs are intended to be operated directly by an end-user, rather than by a computer expert or technician. Unlike large costly mainframe computers and mid-range servers, which serve their users by handling high-speed data processing and complex calculations, PCs are designed primarily for single users. And unlike most electronic consumer goods, PCs are complex products that combine hardware, software, and services.

A PC typically has a central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM), read-only memory (ROM), one or more disk drives, one or more bus ports for Expansion cards sockets(plug-in connectors that give the PC additional capabilities), and input/output (I/O) devices such as a keyboard, mouse, monitor, floppy disk drive, CD-ROM drive, printer port, and serial ports.

The motherboard is the main printed circuit board in the PC. Most of the other components connect directly or indirectly to the motherboard. The CPU fits into a socket on the motherboard and has corresponding RAM slots. ROM chips usually are integrated into the motherboard circuitry. Disk drives plug into special connectors on the motherboard that have built

PS4 controller

PS4 controller setup & playing on a PC or phone

Setting up a PS4 controller is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. First, make sure that the PS4 console is turned off. Then, connect the controller to the PS4 using a USB cable. Once the controller is connected, press the PlayStation button in the center of the controller to turn it on. The controller will now be paired with the PS4 and can be used wirelessly. To disconnect the controller, simply press and hold the PlayStation button for 3 seconds. The controller will then turn off and can be removed from the console.

Dell 27 inch 4K monitor

Dell monitors: Setup & other Dell troubleshooting questions

There are a few different ways to unlock a Dell monitor. The most common method is to press the menu button on the front of the monitor. This will open up the on-screen display, where you can navigate to the lock screen and enter your password. Another method is to use the Dell Display Manager software. This software is usually installed on Dell laptops, allowing you to manage all of your display settings from one central location. To unlock your Dell monitor using this software, open the program and click on the “Security” tab. Here you will be able to set a password for your monitor and enable or disable other security features. Finally, you can reset your Dell monitor to its factory defaults by holding down the menu button for 10 seconds. This will remove all passwords and other settings from your monitor, allowing you to start fresh.