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Minecraft realms: What are Minecraft realms, how much do they cost?

What are realms?

Minecraft Realms are private servers built by individuals who have purchased the Realms upgrade in Minecraft. Minecraft Realms aims to create a private world that can be played online with your friends while keeping pesky and unwanted visitors at bay.

While there are a lot of private servers to play on in Minecraft, there are interfaces that enable people to rent Realm servers. In a word, they’re Minecraft servers that operate on cloud servers and allow gamers to play together without needing the server administrator to have any prior knowledge.

Minecraft realms can be created anytime and kept online, so the creator doesn’t have to worry about his world going offline. To play in a realm, the host must either create a world or use one already made, which players can join at any time.

If you want to make a Minecraft Realm, you can always set the options to keep unwanted players out, and your world is running smoothly.

Minecraft Realms is now accessible on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile phones. A Minecraft world may host up to ten people after it is created; however, modifications cannot be downloaded or installed.

Mod packs that have been introduced to Minecraft worlds, on the other hand, can be used.

How much does a realm cost in Minecraft?

If you want a 10-player world with a marketplace and more than 50 different packs, Minecraft Realms will set you back $7.99 a month.

Popular mini-games, character skins, locations, and much more are included in these bundles. The Minecraft Realms’ cheapest plan costs $3.99, but it only allows for two players and excludes any marketplace packs that come with their 10-player realm plan. You may always start utilizing the free 30-day trial to see whether Minecraft Realms is what you were looking for before paying for the membership. The Minecraft Realms plus membership is updated each month, and new packs are added.

When a new version of Minecraft Realms is released, the owners of those realms will receive the new skins, maps, and mini-games for free.

There are several sorts of payments in a Minecraft world thus, here are all of them:

  • RECURRING ($7.99 PER MONTH): The most convenient payment option: the membership is automatically renewed each month, but it may be discontinued at any moment. It’s 20% less expensive than purchasing a 30-day membership manually each month.
  • ONE TIME CHARGE OF $9.99 FOR 30 DAYS: If you wish to maintain this membership beyond 30 days, you’ll log in and subscribe again. It is, however, the most expensive method of paying for a Realm.
  • ONE TIME CHARGE ($26.99 FOR 90 DAYS): This subscription will expire after 90 days; however, you may manually renew it if you log in and pay again. It’s 10% less expensive than purchasing a 30-day membership manually each month.
  • ONE TIME CHARGE (180 DAYS AT $47.99): This membership will expire after 180 days, but you may extend it manually by logging in and paying again. It’ll be 20% less costly than manually renewing a monthly subscription.

To buy a Minecraft Realm, you must be up to 13 years old.

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