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What is ad retargeting and how does it work? How do you retarget on Google & Facebook?

  1. What is search retargeting?
  2. How do you retarget on Facebook?
  3. How do you retarget on Google?

Ad retargeting refers generally to the type of ad shown after you visit a particular page or engage with a brand in some way. Ad retargeting commonly leverages display ads to remind prospects or customers of a particular sale or action they might take.

Retargeting is used to close prospects or convert qualified leads and is considered one of the most profitable digital marketing channels. Retargeting ads can occur across channels but commonly happen in the display, social, and search.

Not all retargeting happens after a customer leaves, Amazon was an industry leader in driving conversion and cross-shopping related to what you viewed style widgets.

Google and Facebook both offer out-of-the-box ad retargeting products for websites or apps. Both platforms offer advertisers several default retargeting options for eCommerce or specified goal behaviors; engaging with current customers in this way makes up a sizeable portion of online advertising spending.

What is search retargeting?

Search retargeting is a form of online marketing where companies target potential customers based on their recent searches. This type of marketing utilizes the information collected by search engines, such as search terms, browsing history, and geographic location. By tracking these data points, companies can input highly relevant ads into their campaigns and increase the chances of reaching qualified leads in an efficient manner.

How do you retarget ads on Facebook?

Facebook retargeting primarily depends on the Facebook pixel, the pixel automatically sends data about website or app visitors back to Facebook. Facebook leverages data gathered by is pixel to generate retargeting options in its advertising platform or generate look-a-like audiences.

Not all retargeting ads are to close a transaction, in this ad ran they are building their brand broadly with their members

The first step to setting up retargeting ads on Facebook is to set up the tracking pixel on the website or application you want to use for targeting. The next step is to allow the pixel to gather data and generate advertising estimates based on the audience size.

How do you retarget ads on Google?

Google calls this type of campaign a remarketing campaign and you leverage any audience data you have shared within your Google search advertising account. Similar to Facebook in order to set up a campaign you have to collect audience data from your website or application with Google’s tracking code.

Google’s term for retargeting is included broadly under their remarketing umbrella and focused on display advertising.