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What kind of tea is Lipton & how to make tea or sweet tea with Lipton

Lipton Tea

A tea-time mainstay

Many tea lovers have enjoyed a cup of Lipton from time to time. Lipton is by far one of the most well-known and well-beloved tea brands on the market today. But some tea lovers may be wondering, “what kind of tea is Lipton,” and how can one make sweet tea with a bag of Lipton’s? Keep reading to learn more about Lipton tea.

What type of tea is Lipton?

Lipton is the name of a brand of tea. Lipton is named after Thomas Lipton, a Scottish entrepreneur who founded Lipton’s in the 1800s. As for Lipton’s tea itself, it is generally considered to be a type of teabag that is comprised of tea blends from across the tea-producing world, including tea from Sri Lanka, China, and Kenya. In addition, Lipton produces many other flavors of tea, including fruit tea tisanes, matcha blends, and all manner of sweetened tea blends. However, the standard packet of Lipton’s will usually be a black tea blend. 

Black teas are camellia sinensis or tea plant leaves that have been allowed to oxidize for longer than green tea. This leads to a bolder taste and usually a slightly more potent caffeine level than traditional green tea. Other flavor options are available from Lipton’s, but their standard packet of tea will generally offer a black tea experience.

How to make Lipton tea 

Brewing a cup of Lipton’s is simple, easy, and leads to a superb cup of tea. Lipton can be brewed right in one’s cup as a handy tea packet, or multiple packets can be placed in a teapot and brewed together. Here’s how you can brew some Lipton tea yourself!

To brew:

  • Take out your packet of tea and place the tea bag in your chosen mug or cup.
  • Boil water to a temperature between 200 and 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Let your water sit for about 30 seconds before you pour your water onto your tea packet, so you do not scorch the leaves.
  • Next, pour your hot water into your mug and steep your teabag for 3-5 minutes. 
  • Now, enjoy your delicious Lipton tea!

How many Lipton tea bags for a gallon of tea?

Some folks may be brewing tea for a large group of tea drinkers. Or some may be cold brewing a large batch of tea to enjoy throughout the week. Others still may drink gallons and gallons of tea! No matter your reasoning, the amount of tea bags you will want to use for a gallon of tea depends on the strength of your brew. 

If you prefer milder tea, use fewer tea bags, while a more potent brew requires many more tea bags. As a good general rule of thumb, for a gallon of moderately strong Lipton tea, then 8 teabags of Lipton should do. Feel free to add one or two more tea bags if you would like your gallon of tea to be especially strong.

How much caffeine is in Lipton tea?

Though tea does not usually serve as much caffeine as, say, a cup of coffee does, Lipton tea has caffeine. The average tea bag of Lipton’s black tea will have 55 mg of caffeine. For those interested in a less caffeinated tea, try opting for Lipton’s green tea options, which usually offer around 30 mg of caffeine per tea bag.

How to make sweet tea with Lipton?

The more robust flavors of black tea, while innervating for some, also call for some moderation for other drinkers. Luckily, sweetening Lipton is a cinch! Lipton sells flavored, sweetened, and herbal tisanes that feature sweeter flavors. Otherwise, using lemon or orange zest or wedges can be great ways to sweeten up Lipton. Brown or white sugar are good alternatives, too. Just be sure not to use too much sugar, or you may offset the natural health-enhancing powers of black tea. Another great choice is to use honey!

Excellent tea, every day

If you are in search of incredible tea, then look no further than Lipton’s tea. Lipton’s has a great catalog of tea varieties, but the original Lipton tea is just fine on its own. So, we hope you enjoy a pot of Lipton’s today. Happy brewing!

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